Special Black tie wedding group packages available for your guests.

We have been fitting groomsmen for tuxedos for over 37 years.  The bride and groom are always satisfied.

Sleek. Stylish. Cool. A modern tuxedo is perfect for your unique style.

Classic. Timeless. Refined. A traditional tuxedo works for every formal occasion. Elegant. Charming. Dashing. Distinguished. An elegant tuxedo is made to capture mood.

FREE rental for the groom with 5 paid tuxedo packages.

To Cherish from this Day Forward...

Malzone Tuxedos

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* We require at least a $40 deposit (cash or credit card) to reserve your order.  You must also have a school ID or valid driver’s license.   The full balance of your rental is due upon pick up.
Tuxedos are due back the following business day. Late charges of $20 per day apply to rentals not returned on time.

Malzone Tuxedos